Alvaro Deprit | Winner of the series prize

Alvaro Deprit - Winner of the IPA series prize 
Image © Alvaro Deprit.

Alvaro Deprit won the series category, submitting a story called Suspension which looks at unaccompanied minors who have fled war, poverty and political uncertainty for new lives in Italy.

Judges Harry Hardie, founder and director of Here; Jess Crombie, head of film and photography at Save the Children; and Karen McQuaid, curator at The Photographers' Gallery, were impressed with the strength of the story Deprit had depicted, and the sensitivity he brought to it and his young subjects.

Nikolai Ishchuk | Winner of the single image prize

Nikolai Ishchuk - Winner of the IPA single image prize 
Image © Nikolai Ishchuck.

Nikolai Ishchuk won the single image category with a mischievous take on snapshot portraiture. Taking a found image showing a couple kissing centre stage for the camera, he spilt them up and put them to the edges of the shot using Photoshop's 'offset' command, then put the original background back in. The image is taken from a wider project called Offset, which was exhibited at Whitechapel Gallery in the London Open earlier this year.

Judges Francesca Sears, director of Panos Profile; Emma Bowkett, picture editor of the Financial Times Magazine; and Daniel Baer, creative director of Studio Baer, were impressed with the sheer verve of Nikolai's work, and its fresh take on photography.